Wisteria macrostachya 'Aunt Dee'

Wisteria Aunt Dee
Photo courtesy of Dcrjsr

Hardier and showier than other types of Wisteria, Kentucky Wisteria is a great choice for a vine with show stopping beauty.  You can train this Wisteria to quickly cover a fence, arbor, or even in the shape of the tree due to how woody the vines can get.  And best of all, Kentucky Wisteria will reward you with an abundance of huge clusters of lilac flowers often the first summer after planting.

Botanical Name: Wisteria macrostachya 'Aunt Dee'
Common Name: Kentucky Wisteria
Vine Type: Deciduous Twining Vine
Hardiness Zone: 4-8
Sun: Full Sun
Water: Average
Soil: Well drained, but moist
Growth Rate: Rapid
Mature Height: 15-30'
Mature Width: Train to desired width
Flowering Season: Late Spring to Early Summer
Fragrant: Yes
Pruning Information Prune in early spring to maintain desired size.